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Grill & Partners in Fairfield, Connecticut is a boutique consulting firm that you can trust. Whatever your business or personal financial goals, we have the experience and resources to help you succeed.

CFO/Controller Support

Outsourced Support

We serve as overall financial consultants and undertake specific projects for overloaded chief financial officers (CFOs) and controllers. We assist businesses that must do more with less financial and human resources. Our financial experts provide an objective review, information, and advice on important business decisions, which include:

Evaluating Companies You Want To Invest in or Lend To

Assessing Due Diligence for Acquisitions

Reviewing Complex Transactions for Tax Implications and Compliance

Acquiring Additional Financing

Advising on Financial Restructuring for Turnarounds


What We Do

  • Cost-Effective Staffing for Monthly and Year‑End Closings
  • Studies To Identify Areas for Profit Improvement
  • Analysis of Reporting Systems for Timeliness and Management Usability
  • Competitive Industry Analysis and Comparisons
  • Performance Cost Reviews by Category

Why Choose Our Accounting Firm

In all cases, we work closely with your internal staff and external partners and professionals, like lenders, attorneys, and CPAs. Our breadth of experience, objectivity, and big-picture overview enable us to provide uncommon insights and creative solutions to even the most complex and urgent situations you face.

Family Office

We work closely with you, your family, and advisors to provide tax and support services and expertise that can help you increase and protect your assets. Our goal is to simplify your financial life and create a customized program that suits your financial situation and goals. We strive to take the stress out of your busy life so that you can enjoy your wealth and focus on adding value to it. Our family office services include:

Organizing Family Offices Efficiently and Making Improvement Recommendations

Creating Effective Tax and Estate Plans

Providing Superior Strategies for Tax Minimization and Charitable Giving and Timely and Accurate Tax Preparation

Assisting With the Oversight of Business Operations and Real Estate

Paying Bills and Other Transaction Processing

Creating Timely, Accurate, Understandable Financial Reports

Helping Select and Train Superior Internal Financial Personnel

Devising Sound Strategies for Family Wealth Building and Transfer

Coordinating With Other Key Professionals, Including Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Investment Advisors and Bankers

Accounting and Auditing

Our reputation for accuracy and integrity benefits our clients because it carries weight with third parties, such as banks, venture capital firms, and the IRS. We have accounting and auditing teams that will understand your unique circumstances. We will give your accounting staff lead time for documentation preparation to avoid disruption to your operations and meet in-house and external deadlines.

Review and Audit Standards We Adhere To

Produce Comprehensive, Accurate Financial Reports for Your Management and Third Parties

Identify Areas of Financial Statement Risk and Lower the Probability of Material Misstatement

Inform You of Relevant Accounting Standards and Help You Implement New Pronouncements

Increase the Value of Your Business by Identifying the Most Cost-Effective Policies and Strategies

Tax Planning and Filing

We help you minimize your taxes and protect your assets with sound tax reduction strategies and skilled tax preparation. Our goal is to employ a comprehensive approach that integrates tax planning with your other financial and business considerations to produce an effective, coordinated strategy.

As your circumstances and tax codes change, your tax minimization strategies need to be reviewed often and adjusted. Through our email alerts, we keep you posted on developments and planning techniques to help minimize your tax burden and protect your assets. With the help of our affiliations and other professionals, we take a proactive approach and provide tax planning, compliance, and filing assistance worldwide.

Tax Services for Businesses

  • Counseling on Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Preparing Tax Filings
  • Calculating the Impact of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Reorganizations
  • Determining the Tax Implications of Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Advising on the Tax Effects of Business Succession Planning
  • Representation in Tax Examinations
  • Counseling on the Choice of Business Entity

Tax Services for Individuals

  • Creating Tax-Advantaged Strategies To Achieve Personal and Family Goals
  • Planning for Wealth and Estate Transfer
  • Analyzing the Tax Impact of Investments
  • Counseling on Wealth-Building Strategies
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Developing Gifting Programs
  • Advising on Qualified and Nonqualified Retirement Plans
  • Representation in Tax Examinations
  • Helping With Family Limited Partnerships and Trusts
  • Preparing Tax Returns
  • Assisting With Tax Projections and Estimated Payments

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